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SEO for organic and paid search

Having a website does not mean that it will appear in Google searches or other search engines.
Website optimization service for search engines (SEO), deals with how search engines find and rank websites

Appear on the first pages of search engines, in the first positions of organic search; it is part of hard and well-crafted work. And website optimization (SEO) is an important part of this process.

What is SEO

SEO is a set of techniques used to improve the positioning and performance of any website for search robots, and thus improve the user experience in relation to organic searches.

What we do in optimizing your website

Keyword Search

Most search engine algorithms are based on the relevance of keywords as the main factor when ranking sites.
That's why we analyze the best keywords for your business.

Analysis on the structure and speed of the site

One of the decisive and crucial factors for a good positioning of a website is its speed and first load time.
loading time of a page of a website, is taken into account at the time of its ranking by the algorithm of search engines.

Therefore, our duty is to analyze and customize the factors that may be causing slowness and delay in loading your website in the user's browser.

link building

One of the most complex and time-consuming parts of SEO, due to the need to deploy relevant links on other sites that point to your site.

Getting quality links on sites that have good relevance and quality content that point to your site is not an easy task.
Getting these links, your site will thus have a better relevance to Google, and this will influence your positioning in searches.

Optimizing content, descriptions and titles for SEO

Producing relevant and quality content is essential to ensure good positioning in searches.
To index easily and quickly, your content must be optimized for search engines, but without harming your readers and; the content must also be relevant to its reader, and the site must deliver what it proposes to users.

Another very important factor is the use of well-crafted descriptions and titles on your pages, images, videos and files attached to your page.

Customized Search Results Reports

We use the most effective search engine optimization results analysis tools for your paid and organic campaigns; so that we can analyze which actions had the best results and thus adjust weaknesses and change strategies based on the data collected as necessary.

As well as tweaking negative keyword settings as well.

“Which are just as important as the keywords themselves.”

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