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Hotsite is a website, most of the time with a single page, focused on highlighting a campaign for a specific product or service, or a specific marketing action.

The proposal is the promotion focused on attracting the attention of a specific audience and leading them to an environment focused on direct conversion.

Difference between website, hotsite and landing page

Hotsite, website and landing page are 3 different forms of web pages. Each of them works differently and serves different purposes.

You will understand according to your needs.

creation of hotsites


The hotsite is often confused as a website, but the truth is that it is not a website.
Its structure is similar to that of the company's website in terms of design, colors... and it can have more than one page, but most of the time, only one page is enough to display all the content.

The difference is that it can be temporary, as it is used for occasional Marketing actions.

Your proposal is also not to present the company and generate credibility. Who comes to him are usually his customers, in order to learn more about the launch of a new product, service or event.

The hotsite proposals are:

  • Inform about an event.
  • Specific audience registration.
  • More attraction-focused design.
  • Purpose in conversion.

Benefits of Creating Hotsites

  • Capturing Leads from visitors;
  • Low investment value
  • compared to a complete website;
  • Easier to be found in Google searches;
  • Mobile friendly;
  • Among others…


The site is the most complete when it comes to search positioning in general.
It is the address where all the company's information is located on the internet, such as: services, contacts, products, links to social networks, FAQ, job openings... .

landing page

A landing page is a conversion-focused page.
Those who arrive at it most often came through an email marketing, sponsored link from Google search.

It presents in an objective and summarized way, something that can be a product, a service or informative material.

Landing pages can be within the website's own domain or on another domain, interconnecting the two, thus increasing the chances of conversion.

They can also be used as lead capture pages, using forms that offer something in return for filling them out. That would be its main functionality.

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