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How to make your website visible on Google with SEO

If you want to have your website visible on Google, Reinforce the visibility and authority of your brand… SEO is essential to generate more traffic and give your website more visibility…

One of the most efficient ways to achieve this feat is without a doubt to invest in the production of strategic content, rich in strategies SEO (search engine optimization).

The production of strategic texts, with key words and phrases inserted in strategic positions in order to add more value to your content and make your site more visible, thus attracting search engines, but without losing the essence for your readers.

This will generate more visibility in organic searches, without the need for so many investments in paid campaigns.

The production of content, even though it is a very efficient way, still needs to go hand in hand with other strategies, for a faster and lasting success, when it comes to good positioning there has to be a willingness and a lot of willpower involved.

But where should I start?

As every beginning is the hardest part, it's worth stopping everything you're doing for a bit to kick things off.

Defining the processes already in the initial phase can be crucial for the good performance of the whole project.

Processes such as:

  • Delegate tasks.
  • Choose keywords.
  • Estimated time for each process.
  • Goal setting.
  • Target Audience.
  • Disclosure networks.
  • Sales channels…

If you feel confident and have time to dedicate yourself to some processes in your SEO. Get to work!


Or, you can do a search on digital marketing companies qualified to run your project for you.

Planning content that generates engagement

To create revenue-generating content, they must solve a pain, a question or offer what the reader is looking for. Thus, the much-desired engagement will occur.

For this reason, it is necessary to keep in mind who the target audience is and what their needs and tastes are. What age group, neighborhood, city or country where they live…

Within that same audience there may be other different target audience segments that you are looking for, and everything needs to be well aligned before starting to elaborate your contents and embed your marketing techniques. SEO.

The text needs to be well structured, pass security on the topic in question. In addition, it needs to be attractive and solve customers' doubts and pain points.

In fact, it is not just mastering writing techniques, it is necessary to humanize the set, text/information/SEO, thus arousing the interest of those who read them.

Grabbing attention is key, instigating reading, sharing, comments and returning to your site.
Yes, it counts a lot for a good positioning.

In short

Anyway. These are undoubtedly one of the first steps to have your service or product about to be acquired. Whether it's a purchase, a subscription, a subscription, a download of some rich material...

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