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Google my Business now allows social media links in company profiles

Google my Business now allows social media links in company profiles

Google will now allow businesses to add social media links to their Google My Business profiles. This will help companies to improve the visibility of their business and products on Google.

Google recently introduced the ability for businesses to add their Social Media profile links to their Google Business Profile. Google Business.

This new option will allow companies to show more of their social networks in search engine searches. Providing customers with more ways to connect with companies and learn more about the services they want.

This helps small and medium-sized businesses to be more visible on Google products.

About the feature rollout in Business

Google, on its support page, explains that, businesses can now decide which social media links will be displayed on their Google Business Profile.

Platforms supported in this Google update

Platforms supported so far are: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitter.

Businesses can only add a link to each social media platform to their Google My Business profile.

How to use the new Google My Business feature

To add your social media links to your Google business profile, you must:
1. Access your profile;
2. Click on Edit profile;
3. Then go to Commercial information;
5. And click Contact.

Just select the social network you want displayed and enter its URL.

The benefit for companies

Adding your business social media links provides another way for your place owners or managers to improve their presence on google search.

Consumers are increasingly looking to find links from social media and websites alongside local search results.

There is the possibility for companies to add the same social network to several business profiles, but as mentioned before, multiple links from the same platform cannot be added to a single profile.

Google still does not offer the possibility to measure the performance of these links, such as clicks on social networks. But who knows, maybe they will soon implement this possibility.

This feature is rolling out gradually and will be available in specific regions.


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