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How important is having a website for your business?

Today it is common to find several companies from various segments on social networks. (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn) …

But is it no longer necessary to have a website for the success of sales and recognition of my company?

Why do I need to have a website?

Many customers ask us “what's wrong with not having a website”? Just having a presence on Social Media is not enough?

Those who have been in the business of entrepreneurship longer, already know the answer to this question (or not), lol.

Unfortunately, some companies still have a website just for the sake of it, with the theory that having an institutional email makes them more professional. But if you think about it, it actually makes sense!

The younger ones, on the other hand, are more focused on social networks. In fact, the facilities of social networks are countless. For those who spend hours of the day on social networks, it is much more comfortable to combine business with pleasure.

Like the posts you like and promote your business. 

Particularly, who of you is looking for a washing machine technician or Lawyer in Rio de Janeiro on Instagram?

We believe that 3% of those reading this article! 

Our opinion on visibility on Social Media

They are excellent for fixing your brand or products in your head the famous (branding).

Just imagine, every day I come across a post about lawyer services in Rio de Janeiro. Even if I'm not interested at the moment, one day I may need or even refer someone to that lawyer who is on my Instagram or a friend's every day.

Do you agree?

What about Google search?

Searching for a service or company on Google is a very specific act. Well, no one stays on Google's search pages all day, as said earlier about social networks.

This boils down to the “search and demand” case (…)

When you need something like a product, a service or some information. We resort to Mr. Google, as we are sure that we will find it there.

One of the features of searching for a company, product or service on Google is the ability to search by area. (city, neighborhood, country…).

Benefits of having a website compared to social media!

  1. Describe all of your business information on one page.
  2. Details about each service.
  3. Detailed information of company addresses.
  4. Various forms of contact (phone, WhatsApp, email, online chat).
  5. Location and route from Google Maps.
  6. Product gallery organized by category.
  7. In short, a multitude of benefits…

To ensure the visibility of your company

You have already seen that both Social Networks and websites have countless benefits for a company.

If it's a benefit, then it's worth having both, don't you think? As each niche has its particularities, public and different needs. It fits a well-planned marketing strategy, SEO, content, and even paid ads.

Talk to your Marketing team, if you have one. or look for online help certainly on Google you will find more answers to your question. If you prefer, you can contact our team, we will be ready to help you grow your company!

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