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What is SEO? What is SEO for?

Understand what SEO is and how it is applied.

search engines or simply seekers, are one of the main sources of information search.

Appearing or not appearing on Google can be a decisive factor in the success of a company. This is not just for e-commerce, blogs, large institutional sites... but for any business where customers or readers use the internet to seek solutions to their problems.

SEO, what is it then?
SEO is the set of techniques normally applied by webmasters, and its main objective is to make a website as friendly as possible for search engines and readers.

Making use of the planning of the keywords that will be used in the content of the site or specific page, in order to improve its positioning in the organic search results.

SEO Professionals/Companies?

There are many agencies that specialize in the subject.
But many still don't have qualified professionals for the hard work of SEO.
Even more so as Google is constantly updating, it makes it even more difficult to be up to date and put updates into practice.

The companies or SEO specialist agencies such as Weblocation, which offer consulting services and implementation of strategies SEO.

These companies develop and implement the entire SEO strategy or become consultants for companies that want to acquire the necessary knowledge to develop their SEO strategy. in-house seo.

Advantages and disadvantages of in-house SEO

There are several points to consider before deciding between the two models (SEO in-house or SEO outsourced).

A strategy of SEO in-house It has the advantage of being run by people from the company itself, who know the business very well, the strengths and weaknesses, competitors, etc...
On the other hand, it is difficult for a company to have the same level of knowledge as those that are specialized in SEO.

These agencies usually have access to up-to-date information from the search engines that other companies usually do not have.

Finally, be it SEO in-house or SEO outsourced, it is important that it exists in the company that wants to carry out the optimization of its site. A person who understands the company's business to consistently optimize your website, bringing together the information provided by the areas of HR, marketing, sales and product...

We know that every good investment in SEO is always worth it.

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