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New domain registration options available at Registro br

O Registration br will make available from the 20/07/2020th 12 more options
for domain registrations .br.

Domains that are distributed in two categories, being, 5 generic and 7 liberal professionals.


Category suitable for natural or legal persons

app.br – Apps
dev.brDevelopers and Development Platforms
log.br – Transport and Logistics
mon.br - Security

Liberal professionals

Only for individuals

bib.br – Librarians and Librarians
des.br – Designers and Designers
det.br – Detectives and Private Investigators
nurse – Nursing Professionals
coz.br – Gastronomy professionals
geo.br – Geologists
rep.br - Sales representatives

Prices per registration period at Registro br

The value of the new categories will be the same as the others in the register.br.

1 year: R$ 40.00.
2 years R$ 76.00
And so on…

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