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Learn how to fix WordPress error: momentarily unavailable for scheduled maintenance

If you haven't come across the error "Momentarily unavailable for scheduled maintenance" at the wordpress.
Watch out for when it happens to your site.

Mistakes like this can be frustrating.

Here's how to fix the error "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”

For your site to work again, and leave the scheduled maintenance, what you need to do is, remove the file “.maintenance” which is created for security reasons in the root folder of the WordPress installation.

Here is a step on how to resolve the error momentarily unavailable for scheduled maintenance.

1. Access your site via FTP

You will need program FTP like the FileZilla or use your hosting's own file access to edit your website's files on the server.

Note that if you are accessing the FTP of your hosting. The file .maintenance may not be visible.
You will need to check the option to show hidden files.

And in the case of FileZilla, for example, click server in the top bar and force show hidden files.

After connecting to your FTP and making the settings if necessary, you should find the file .mainteance logo in the root or in the folder where your installation is with the error.

2. Removing the .maintenance file

Locate and delete the file .maintenance. With the file deleted from the server, go back to your site and refresh the page.

See that your site will work normally again.

Anyway, your problem should be solved. So easy!!!
If you don't have programming experience, ask for help from a qualified person.

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