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How to check your position on Google

For you who are curious to know how to check your position on Google. Follow this tip!


Do not use your browser's search.

Some browsers that are based on Chromium have data that is delivered to Google's servers.

Therefore, Google will know who you are, in this case the website owner, and will show your positions on Google very differently than those shown in the listings that appear to your customers in searches.

In the so-called custom search, you will see the information differently. Because the result of viewing searches depends on several factors, factors that are influenced by geolocation, user login, sites visited, search history…. And so on.

Does incognito mode work?

the term Incognito reported in incognito browsers does not actually indicate that you are not being tracked in your activities.

Therefore, the search will still be personalized as we saw above, you still won't see your correct positioning information.

How to check your position on Google
Improve your Google search performance

So how to check your correct position on Google?

  1. using google Search Console to check your position on Google is one of the best alternatives.
    This will not always show the exact position, but it will show the closest possible position depending on the moment. If your investment and SEO strategies are all right, you will certainly have pages in the top positions.
  2. Using any VPN service Ex. (CyberGhost VPN) and a browser that has no user customization (no user account), no extensions… This service is paid, but it's worth.


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