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How to change url and username on Instagram?

Learn how to change Instagram username in a few steps.

you know you can change username on instagram in less than 5 steps?

In just a few minutes you can change your information on instagram, information such as: Name, “User name“, site It is bio.
And it's not a difficult task.

Let's see step by step how to do it!

Here are the steps to follow to change your username on instagram app It is in the website, all in an uncomplicated way!

On IOS or Android

  • Access your profile from Instagram by clicking on the icon with your photo.
  • Click on the button Edit profile.
  • Next you will see for editing: Name, "User name", site, Bio among other items.
  • torque the user name and whatever else you want. (Availability checks will be done automatically).
  • Just click onConclude” if correct.

The steps are the same for iOS It is android. The screens change the appearance more, but information is practically the same.

Let's see the steps to change the username for Instagram in the browser.

  • In the top bar of your Instagram, click on the icon with your photo and on the submenu that will open, and then click profile.
  • On the next page, click on “Edit profile” right next to your username.
  • edit the user name and whatever else you want. (Availability checks will be done automatically in the same way as in instagram app on phone).
  • All very well? Just click onTo send“.

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