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After failure in WebView. Gmail and Other Apps Have "Continuously Crashes" Error on Android

For those who use Android, this Monday night (03/22/2021). Came across the error: "* crashes continually”, when trying to open apps like Gmail and some other apps on android.

The cause of the problem is apparently associated with an error in the WebView after update, the resource is responsible for displaying web pages within applications.

The most affected applications so far were: gmail, Twitter, TickTok, Google search and Nubank.
However, any application that uses Android's WebView can be affected by the "Crashes Continuously” on Android“.

Google said in a statement that: "We are working to fix the error."

Google also reported that an update for WebView is available to alleviate the error and crashes. And that to access the update, just go to play store and install the latest version of the software.

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